Supply chain management

Like any other sector, the cement industry can improve sustainability by having a positive influence on its supply chain. Increasingly, the stewardship efforts of customers, as well as cement producers, are assessed by ratings agencies and reported as part of companies’ sustainability performance.


Some cement companies already audit their suppliers, as part of their assessment of supply chain performance. However, there is currently no universal agreement on which factors to consider; or their relative importance. This lack of a defined performance assessment standard makes comparison difficult.

Going Forward

The CSI can help suppliers and companies develop a shared understanding of sustainable development criteria for the supply chain. It aims to provide a framework and analysis tool that can be used by the cement industry to collect and manage information. As a first step, an assessment of current practice will be undertaken. This will look at a range of industries, including cement, and cover key issues such as social impacts, employee health and safety and human rights.


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