Climate protection

Carbon emissions is an important sustainability issue for the cement industry, since global cement manufacture accounts for about five percent of all man-made CO2 emissions.

CSI's climate-related work has followed five distinct tracks:

  • Monitoring and verification
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Promoting best practice for CO2 reductions in operations and products
  • Participating in policy work at global and national levels
  • Building engagement with the cement industry in developing markets.

Significant achievements have been made in each area, with notably a global common CO2 reporting protocol used by the majority of the industry and the set-up of a global database on CO2 and energy.

Sample Image Source: GNR database
The number of installations worldwide reporting to GNR has increased from 724 in 1990 to 930 in 2010.
* CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union countries)
Sample Image Source: GNR database
The diagram shows the increase in cement production by the companies reporting to GNR between 1990 and 2010. While the production grew by 61%, the associated CO2 emissions grew by 39%, which shows evidence of a decoupling of production and related emissions.
figure6v3Source: GNR database
The slowing of CO2 emissions from cement production is shown in this diagram. Specific gross CO2 emissions per tonne of product have been reduced by 14% since 1990. When considering specific net CO2 emissions (i.e. gross CO2 emissions minus emissions from the use of alternative fossil fuels), the reduction in emissions per tonne of product has been 16%.

Going forward

The CSI will maintain its role as an influential leader in the energy and climate debate; continuing to provide practical approaches to energy and carbon management, based on careful analysis of the available emissions reduction levers of the industry. It will expand the global database on CO2 and energy with emphasis on participation in key developing markets: China, India and Latin America.

introduction2 5The CSI will also build more effective communications platforms with cement companies, trade associations, national governments and NGOs in the different regions.

CSI member companies will continue to monitor and report their CO2 emissions and develop new reduction targets. And the CSI will:

  • Support the work of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to turn the CSI protocol into an international standard.
  • Develop a common methodology for scope 3 emissions in the cement sector
  • Define rules for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for concrete
  • Review the potential for CSI to add value to research on greenhouse gas emission reductions, e.g. low-carbon cement, carbon capture etc.

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