Global influence and vision

Moving into the second decade of the 21st century, businesses are not only expected to manage their own response to sustainability challenges but also to help society deal with wider issues. The cement industry has changed significantly since 2002 and the CSI has been successful in nurturing these changes, particularly global1a.through its engagement with governments and global organizations. The CSI’s geographic focus has also expanded to embrace emerging nations and major cement producers in China, India and Latin America who are playing a more and more active role.

The CSI has identified several global trends becoming increasingly important to the way how cement industry operates in the future:

  • Accommodating population growth and increased urbanization. This will demand more buildings and infrastructure.
  • Decoupling the extraction of primary resources from the projected population growth.
  • Assessing the life cycle of buildings with regard to their social, economic and environmental impact.
  • Managing biodiversity, eco-systems and water.
  • Improving health and living standards.
  • Addressing community expectations.

The CSI and its members will play an important role in tackling these issues within the industry.

CSI Mission

The CSI is an alliance of the leading companies in the global cement business. It will build its role as the recognized international voice of the global cement industry for sustainable development. CSI members will be known for applying sustainability practices throughout their global operations.

The CSI provides a platform for a shared understanding of sustainability issues, developing and distributing practical tools, facilitating effective stakeholder engagement and providing sustainable solutions. It aims to be the partner of choice for international governmental organizations, trade associations, academia and NGOs to develop the critical sustainability research, principles, policy and practice within the cement industry and its value chain.

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